Our Team

"Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained." Come into the salon and meet our alchemists and let us turn your hair into something extraordinary!

Cassidy & Kari-Anne

Salon Owners

Both Kari-Anne and Cassidy have a passion for creativity, their guests and for the well-being of the salon and their employees. They strive to create a warm, welcome, home-away-from-home feeling in the studio. Kari-Anne oversees the wellness of the salon, guests and employees, as well as the direction of the salon. Cassidy works daily on the frontline, artistically creating the best colours and styles for each of her clients, as well as handling the day to day tasks of running the salon. Both Kari-Anne and Cassidy welcome you to Indaba Hair Studio – {The Meeting Place}

Cassidy Veldman

Lead Stylist

Cassidy started her career as a stylist in 2009, after her education began at a College in Toronto. From there, she spread her wings, traveling extensively, furthering her education in Sydney, Australia, where she mastered the art of highlighting in every form. Cassidy loves the more natural look, whether it’s highlights, ombré, balayage or hair painting, she is able to create beautiful soft looks. While traveling this past summer in Europe, Cassidy has seen first hand the new up and coming styles heading over our way. Her passion for transforming her clients wants and needs into a reality, makes Cassidy a very sought after stylist. Her passion for hair, shows in every client!

Stacey Braga

Senior Stylist

As a little girl, Stacey always dreamed of one day becoming a hairdresser; getting to meet new people and helping them look and feel fabulous. Her dream became a reality in 2015 when she graduated from Marca College, with the L’Oreal Colour Award! Stacey enjoys the challenge – whether it’s a great haircut, creative style or fabulous hair makeover. She looks forward to everyday of her journey and is excited to be working together with the talented and creative team, here at Indaba Hair Studio.

hair salon stylist

Mandy Lettlier

Senior Stylist

Like most children, I had an idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. From a young age, I knew hair was my passion! I started off cutting my dolls’ hair, progressing to my friends’ hair, which would eventually lead to studying Cosmetology at Westrand College in South Africa.

Having owned a salon in two different provinces over the past 25 years, my love of the industry grew as my experience grew. It was not just about cutting, colouring and styling, it was the friendships made over the years. Knowing myself, how wonderful great hair can make you feel, I endeavour to make each client leaving my chair feeling fabulous. I am so grateful to be starting a new chapter in my life, not only at Indaba hair Studio, but as my family and I settle in Canada.

hair salon stylist

Andrea D’Souza

Intermediate Stylist

After graduating Marca College in 2018, I knew I had found my vocation in life. I absolutely loved the program. I found I was so drawn to the creative side of colouring hair, and this is where my talent lies. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of hair styling. I started my career in Toronto, but have subsequently moved closer to home allowing me to further my career by gaining more experience in a new salon. After following Indaba Hair Studio for a few years, I am so excited to have found my new home here, full of inspiring, and talented hairstylists!

hair salon stylist

Gina Mendonca

Junior Stylist

My passion for hair started at a very young age since a little girl I knew I was meant for this industry! The environment of a salon is my happy place and where I feel I belong!

Since the beginning of my journey I continue to show myself that there is so much room to learn and strengthen my abilities and see how far my talent can take me. I love that I now have the chance to be creative in my own way as I strive to see my client smiling when leaving my chair every time.

Throughout my journey I was blessed to have received a cosmetology award and to have been a finalist in the Ontario Skills Competition in 2016. I will continue to stay motivated, confident in myself, and open to learning & growing in my career here at Indaba Hair Studio.

hair salon stylist

Selena Grimaldi

Junior Stylist

“Where do I start!? I am fairly new to the hair industry, it was a rocky path getting here but here I am!

I have attended college twice for totally different career paths. I unfortunately never finished but knew what I was doing was not for me, I needed a change. I eventually took some time off and rediscovered my love for hair. I always loved cosmetology class in high school – who knew it would one day be my career! I never thought of actually becoming a stylist in the future but I’m so SO happy I did.

Right after cosmetology school I welcomed my baby J and took some time off to feel all the love.

Now it’s time to get to work! I love getting my hair done and how beautiful/confident I feel immediately after. I promise when you are sitting in my chair, you will feel this from the time you step in to the time you are on your way out, I want everyone to feel their best selves and rock their new do!

hair salon stylist

Jenna Darmanin

New Talent

Since grade 9, I have eagerly enrolled in hairstyling classes with a strong desire to assist individuals in discovering their true selves through the art of hairstyling. While I am relatively new to this industry, my commitment to hairstyling remains unwavering, as I am currently pursuing advanced education at Marca College to enhance my expertise. One aspect of this field that particularly excites me is the opportunity to meet diverse individuals of varying ages and styles, enabling me to engage with them throughout the day. Working at the salon has provided me with invaluable insights into critical techniques and strategies, which I continuously apply to further my growth. Witnessing the satisfaction and contentment on my clients’ faces as they leave the salon is the ultimate source of joy for me.